Indian Women and Children: Deficiencies and supplements

Thur, 27th Aug | Webinar 27th August 2020

Join us as we speak about the curative side of women and children's health with the help of food and supplements-for calcium, iron and vitamins. Understand what tests to get, what signs to look for deficiencies and more! In association with Proactive for Her.

Can I have a Bite?

Sat, 1st Aug | Webinar 1st August 2020

Intuitive Eating for Millennials - This will be an interactive, engaging conversation around millennial eating habits, coupled with an immersive eating exercise. We will break down the meaning and importance of mindfulness while eating; sensory specific satisfaction around food and common distractions and millennial eating behaviour. In collaboration with Sugar & Space.

ABC’s of Self-Care: Notes from a Nutritionist

Thur, 16th July | Webinar 16th July 2020

'Ask me Anything’ series, with a focus on self-care and self-compassion; in collaboration with Proactive For Her.

Fad Diets- What is the big deal?

Tues, 23rd June | Webinar 23rd June 2020

Breaking down popular diets, such as intermittent fasting, keto, diary-free and gluten-free diets. Also speaking about how our relationship with our weight goes beyond the number game. In collaboration with Proactive For Her.

Nutrifit with Daddy (for children)

Sun, 21st June | Webinar 21st June 2020

Educational Nutrition games and cooking for daddy and baby (4-12 yrs). In collaboration with Curtains Up Academy.

Emotional Eating

Sat, 20th June | Webinar 20th June 2020

Speaking about the spectrum of emotional eating and to what extent is it okay to eat when you’re not hungry. As a part of the ‘Food for Thought’ series by Sugar & Space.

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