Scientific Communication

Accurate, upto-date nutrition information to combat confused media messages and irrational food fears.

The Nutrition Project started off as an Instagram page- with the aim of making complex scientific findings understandable to the layman. We now continue to strive in cutting through all the "nutrition nonsense", to deliver condensed and accurate information in a palatable manner.

Public Health Nutrition Services:
  • Article writing
  • Webinars for parents, children and young adults
  • Seminars & specially tailored programmes
    • for health-care professionals
    • for schools and colleges
    • for young professionals; corporates​

Scientific Communication
Research lays the foundation today, for better healthcare tomorrow

At the Nutrition Project, we understand the value of scientific research; and are passionate about contributing to academic research in India.

We look forward to working with:
  • Individual qualified health-care professionals
  • Hospitals
  • Organisations
  • Industries ​​
Scientific Communication

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