Evidence -
Nutrition advice based on scientific evidence, research and guidelines.
Providing space to help clients feel understood and heard.
Working together with clients to achieve a common goal.
In addition to what one is eating it is also vital to understand why one is eating a certain way.
  • Rather than stressing over a number on the scale- it is essential to look at eating behaviours alongside other determinants of health too - such as biochemical parameters, waist-to-hip ratio, strength, mental health status etc. which allows for a smooth and sustainable shift in eating patterns.
  • It also encapsulates the principles of Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size® which focuses on being inclusive, respectful and encouraging healthful behaviours in clients of all sizes. Together, we find a way to formulate a self-care eating framework for well-being.
  • This in turn, translates into a healthier relationship with one’s food and body.
Focus on Children, Young Adult Nutrition and Eating Disorders Recovery
  • The Nutrition Project takes pride on focusing on Pediatric and Young Adult Clinical Nutrition. Especially the innocence and the vulnerability of this age-group, makes them more prone to believing nutrition misinformation and following the most #trending diet.
  • Whether it's growth spurts, puberty, or the 20's related drastic lifestyle changes- we understand that our young clients are at an age of constant physical changes. We thus believe in being sensitive towards body image issues and providing a safe space to unpack their concerns.
  • We advocate sound nutrition advice while continuously inculcating positive body image, self-talk and self-compassion.
  • Eating disorder (ED) recovery is a branch of nutrition that has been under-practiced in India. With almost 1 in 5 young Asians showing disordered eating behaviours- these concepts are not just "a white girl problem" anymore. As disordered eating makes one more prone to ED's, we find it vital to also focus on rehabilitating those with EDs.
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